We will achieve the SDGs in the field of “agricultural development” by reading the history of Indonesia.

Reading Javanese documents and adopting multiple interpretations from different perspectives to establish the state of the times.

In addition to the Dutch language of the sovereign country, there are documents written in the Javanese script used by the local aristocracy and the Arabic script used by Muslim groups. We will read Indonesian culture and history not only from the Dutch point of view, but also from different perspectives.

A survey of the contemporary Indonesian rural economy

In recent years, under the influence of the rural development approach and democratization and decentralization, Indonesia has seen an increase in community-based participatory village development. We will investigate the current situation of village-owned entities, which are institutionally funded by the government through village grants, spreading throughout Indonesia.


By researching and disclosing information on the development of village-owned businesses, we aim to educate coffee and cocoa producers so that they can contribute to appropriate value addition.

Going back in history through the present Indonesia’s regions and cultures

We put a lot of effort into fieldwork that allows students to experience the history and culture of the area. While deepening friendships with the local people, we aim to develop human resources who can learn the correct language and think and make decisions on their own.