The “Industrial Biotechnology Initiative Division” is a new division, set up in November 2020 at the Institute for Open and Transdisciplinary Research Initiatives, Osaka University (OTRI) . Our division is based on the International Hub of Frontier Industrial Biotechnology and was founded by the Department of Biotechnology, Graduate School of Engineering.

Our Group is composed of Biotechnology Engineering , Energy & Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronical, Electronic & Info-communications Engineering, Information Science & Technology, International Center for Biotechnology, Institute for Protein Research, Institute of Scientific & Industrial Research, Engineering Science, Human Sciences, Center for Global Initiatives, Language and Culture, Foreign Studies and International Public Policy.

We focus on food as a building block for life and “bio-production” as the protection of life. In the case of food, our core focus is food metabolomics and plant genome editing to develop technologies that will serve as the basis for 21st -century food technology. This is to ensure safety through the reduction of food loss and waste and provide “peace of mind” through the science of “deliciousness”.

In bio-production, we will develop practical technologies to produce biologic drugs, such as antibodies, vaccines, and iPS cell production, in addition to the furtherment of the evolution of useful microbial production technology.

Our research promotes the aims of the SDGs by taking into consideration the environment.
Furthermore, we will collaborate with industrial companies and develop a network to further international exchange network, especially in Southeast Asia, to foster young researchers in industrial biotechnology.