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1. We will use metabolomics technology to achieve the SDGs.

Enjoy the movie how we conduct experiments of our coffee metabolomics analysis.

“Evaluating the quality and function of food ingredients through “metabolite profiling”.

We use statistical modeling to compare the information obtained from metabolomics with the scores of items evaluated by experts and appraisers, and identify information on ingredients that are important for demonstrating food functions. We also aim to apply this information to manufacturing, storage, and distribution technologies.

What is Metabolite Profiling?

The quantitative analysis of biological synthetic pathways and specific metabolites that synthesize basic compounds common to many organisms.


By providing feedback based on the knowledge gained from metabolite profiling to improve manufacturing processing and storage methods, we aim to develop technologies that are useful to industry.

Metabolomics Analysis of Japanese Foods for Higher Quality


Cheese and bread are also being analyzed for metabolomics to contribute to the improvement of food quality.

Food Metabolomics for Asian Industries

Obtaining Metabolic Information through Microbial Metabolomics

Using the high resolution of mass spectrometry, metabolite information is obtained by metabolomics analysis of various yearst phenotypes of microorganisms change to various microorganims with differing phenotypes. This metabolic information can be used to develop a variety of research.


Our metabolome analysis is widely used in various fields such as agriculture, food technology, biological sciences and medical sciences.

Training Researchers to Create a Global Environment in Metabolomics Research.

One of the most important goals of international education is to increase Japan’s presence in the Asian region and to develop human resources for this purpose.


Accepting a large number of excellent international students from Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and China not only advances research, but also fosters mutual understanding of globalization between Japanese and international students.

We will achieve the SDGs through “MS Spectrometry Imaging”.

Tackling the challenge of “health” by using the latest molecular visualization technology

Mass spectrometry imaging “visualizes” the state of stress and other events that occur in the body.


Since it can be applied to a variety of samples, it enables “visualization” in cancer tissue, periodontal disease biofilm, hair, etc.